Some well-known personalities who have British citizenship, starting with Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh

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BNA 1981 SectionRuleOutcomeReport FileReport TypeNotes
11(1)UK.D.1.1Yes CertainFG4 (Philip Mountbatten).UKBC.SR.YC.docxSRMarriage of his parents invalid in English law so no Sophia claim
1(1)UK.D.2.1.2Yes CertainFG17 (Archie Windsor aka Prince George).UKBC.SR.YC.docxSRDoes not rely on legitimacy of father
11(1)UK.D.1.1Yes CertainFU100 (Boris Johnson).UKBC.SR.YC.docxSR
11(1)UK.D.1.1Yes CertainFQ11 (Peter Hain).UKBC.SR.YC.docxSR
11(1)UK.D.1.1Yes CertainFF15 (Audrey Hepburn).UKBC.SR.YC.docxSR
--No CertainFU17 (Lillian Disney).CAC.SR.NC.docxSRCanadian citizenship report
11(1)UK.D.1.1Yes CertainFU17 (Lillian Disney).UKBC.SR.YC.docxSR
--No CertainFU22 (Bob Hope).UKBC.SR.NC.docxSR
11(1)UK.D.1.1Yes CertainFU50 (Ava Gardiner).UKBC.SR.YC.docxSR
No CertainFU74 (Maria de Lourdes Mia Villiers Farrow).AUC.SR.NC.docxSRAustralian citizenship report
11(1)UK.D.1.1Yes CertainFU74 (Maria de Lourdes Mia Villiers Farrow).UKBC.SR.YC.docxSR
11(1)UK.D.1.1Yes CertainFU33 (Ronald Reagan).UKBC.SR.YC.docxSR
--No CertainFU82 (Hillary Clinton).UKBC.SR.NC.docxSR
--No CertainFU93 (Barack Obama).UKBC.SR.NC.docxSRIf his father's father's marriage had been invalid would be a BOC today.
4CUK.D.22.3.21Yes CertainFU77 (Donald John Trump).UKBC_P.SR.YC.docxSRPresumes his mother was became a US citizen during her marriage otherwise no claim
--No CertainFL16 (Aung San Suu Kyi).UKBOC.SR.NC.docxSR