AORA Nationality Determiner
(/dɪˈtəːmɪnə/ : (Verb.) To ascertain or establish exactly by research or calculation

Aora ND’s software is designed for Immigration Lawyers to remove the tedious, time-consuming and complex work from nationality claims.

  • Accurately assess nationality and citizenship claims with complete consistency in under 25 minutes.
  • Grow revenue by taking on more complex Nationality claims with complete confidence.
  • Deliver stellar customer service and build a first-class reputation.

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Overview Productivity & Efficiency


AORA ND allows you to process nationality and citizenship claims in under 25 minutes.

Following a simple fact-finding Q&A, AORA ND assesses your client for all 6 types of British nationality, ensuring complete accuracy and explainable outcomes for even the most complex cases


Wprld Class Quality


AORA ND allows you to grow revenue by taking on the most complex nationality and citizenship cases with complete confidence.

AORA ND has codified the entirety of British nationality law, relevant former colonial laws, Fransman’s book and Home Office Guidance to ensure no stone is left unturned when advising your client.

Smart Opinions


AORA ND allows you to provide stellar customer service by assessing all possible routes to citizenship, demonstrating you’ve left no stone unturned and empowering you to advise on the best possible solution.


How it Works

Client & Advisor at table

Step one

First, information is captured through an intuitive Q&A process. This usually takes 10-25 minutes, depending on complexity – perfect for an initial meeting or phone call.

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Advisor performing analysis

Step two

Legislative provisions are evaluated in real-time, providing a rigorous analysis for every claim. All information captured is structured, auditable, and stored securely.

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Success message for submission

Step three

An outcome is reached and documents are generated for review and use by a practitioner. These include detailed reports and, where positive, a letter of representation and application pack for submission to the Home Office.

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Step four

The result? Accurate advice is delivered based on the latest law and Home Office policy. Clients are happy, impressed by the exceptional quality of service and turnaround time.

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Case Study

One of our customers, a leading nationality law boutique, began using AORA ND in 2020.

Since then, they have taken on significantly more work, as time spent on each case has reduced from several hours to only 25 minutes.

They have seen huge revenue growth and have received overwhelmingly positive reviews from their clients, which directly resulted in an increase in business from referrals.

Furthermore, they are able to demonstrate and prove to Home Office Case Workers clear arguments cross-referencing relevant laws (including Section 4L of the British Nationality Act 1981).

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Productivity and Efficiency

Grow Revenue

Stellar customer service

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You can get British nationality assessments at the touch of a button

Aora ND is a cloud-based service that you can use to determine if a person has, or qualifies for a grant of, British citizenship, another UK nationality, right of abode or Irish citizenship. You can conduct an enquiry, where questions are asked until an outcome is reached, for each nationality of interest.

Documents in Word format are then available for download, these normally include:

  • A Status Trace with cross-references to the appropriate provisions;

  • A draft report for the client of a practitioner, which can be used as a client care letter; and

  • If the outcome is positive, draft letters of representation to the Home Office and HM Passport Office.

Using Aora ND, assessments and factfinding is very thorough and it can uncover unexpected and less costly routes to British citizenship. The time that you save can be used to work on other cases or find more business.

The interpretation of laws has been informed by relevant cases (judgements), the works of Laurie Fransman QC and other authorities, Home Office guidance and instructions, and Foreign and Commonwealth Office documents.

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Document Output

You can see examples of the documents created by the service in our catalogue.

The content of these documents can be customised to your requirements. For example, in the letter of representation, we will include your firm’s logo and personalised footer.

How it Works

If you wish to try out Aora ND at your office, the process is straightforward.

The Terms and Conditions and a Services Agreement that explains everything in detail, including how your data is securely stored and accessed, will be provided.


Customers in the UK should be accredited practitioners, or organisations with staff accredited by the OISC, such as charities or local authorities.

You may get free training by appointment and learn how to use Aora ND by trying it out on example cases.


Online and phone support is available during UK working hours.

How to Arrange a Demonstration

Phone: Sarah Barnard on +44 (0) 20 3389 9422