More complex automatic claims to British citizenship

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BNA 1981 SectionRuleOutcomeReport FileReport TypeNotes
11(1)UK.D.1.1Yes CertainGrierson, Sally App for Passport S11(1).docxAPThe applicant, born in Northern Rhodesia retains her CUKC at the independence of Zambia via her spouse.
Grierson, Sally Nat Report.docxNR
11(1)UK.D.1.1Yes CertainLockhart, Trevor James App for Status Letter.docxAPThe applicant, born in Northern Rhodesia, resident in Botswana and Rhodesia during the independence of these territories reains CUKC via ancestral links
Lockhart, Trevor James Nat Report.docxNR
--No CertainLamb, Candice Nat Report.docxNRAn example of a status trace with a negative outcome